"I never had such an easy time buying a wig before, it was so much fun and even relaxing because they cut BEFORE you buy!" -Leah K.

"I love that there were so many to try on. It was such a cool selection I had a hard time deciding" -Shifra H.

"My sister has very shiny, ashy blonde hair. I have course, naturally curly, strawberry blonde hair. I couldn't believe how Tovi and Rivi were able to find wigs for both of us! They have so many textures and colors it was amazing. Anyone who's a blonde knows how hard it is to find a good blonde wig." -Shira W.

"Losing my hair was very traumatic. At Tori Wigs, they were so compassionate and sweet. . . and even made the experience of buying my first wig a pleasure. I appreciate it so much." - Marianna K.

"It was definitely good that they're so patient, but my favorite part of TORI WIGS is that they do an amazing cut. They keep going to the latest hair shows in the city to learn the newest techniques. I can't tell you how many times I got stopped in the street by people who want to know who cut my hair! When I tell them it's a wig they do a double take! " - Ariana L.